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Hi All!

My name is Patrick Barry and this site was created so that I could share some of the programs that I have written over the years. I have been a hobby programmer for nine years now. I program in C and use MSVC++ 6/1.5, DJGPP, and Turbo C++. Any source code included with my programs can be used for non-commercial uses only, unless specifically stated otherwise in the program description. Also all the code is to be used at your own risk, I won't be held responsible for any damage (very unlikely) it may cause. If you have any questions or comments you can email me at

Here is some information on my Tyranid army for Games Workshop's game "Warhammer 40,000".
Hive Fleet Bahamut

My Programs


This game is basically the same as the mini card game in Final Fantasy VIII. It is written in C and compiles with Turbo C++ 3.0. The game is text mode. Source code is included.
Download the game and source.


This is a simple image editor I created for my own use. It can create PCX and BMP files as well as load them. The program runs under 320x200 8bit mode, but can edit images with sizes up to 640x480. The user interface isn't very good, but like I said I created it for my own use. Some of the menu choices don't work since I abandoned the project when I started using Paint Shop Pro (Great program by the way). It is written in C and compiles with Turbo C++ 3.0.
Download program and source.

Pacman Clone

This is a pacman clone that I created some years ago. It was written with DJGPP in C.
Download game and source.

Space Game

This is the source code for a small side scrolling program that I wrote. Its fairly simple and it never did become a full game. It was written with DJGPP in C.
Download and source.


This is an almost complete textbased database. It was written with MSVC++ 1.5 in C.
Download program and source.

Serial Communications

This is a serial communications library that was written in C for use with DJGPP.
Download source.


Hidden Treasures.

I'm currently working on a simple RPG engine that will remind a lot of people of the good old days of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Project Page

Page last updated on Dec 17, 2003

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